What we do


We analyze markets and their potentials, strength and weaknesses, but also risks and opportunities of your enterprise and develop lasting strategies integrating important trends. We transform these strategies into operational concepts. Necessary changes are introduced, managed, controlled and supported by alpheios. This way we develop solutions for acute problems.


We are experts in:
  • developing and realizing unique and innovative strategies
  • optimizing work-flow and thus improving quality and efficiency
  • managing and controlling difficult change processes
  • obtaining sustainable results
Our job is to:
  • to organize training for physicians, nurses and other health professions, management and administrators
  • train and prepare your staff for new challenges
  • improve efficiency and quality of your activities
  • analyze interfaces between different sectors and areas as well as to identify and to profit of synergies and potentials
  • identify and to handle strengths, weaknesses, risks and opportunities
  • develop strategies to outsource different services and to combine them in innovative and productive ways thus creating synergies.

We are prepared to assist you in all other issues to organize your activities efficiently.


We are extensively experienced to draft concepts, as well as to develop as other planning documents and studies (e. g. feasibility studies and programs as room and space programs, staffing programs, functional programs, financial projections, equipment programs, analysis and optimization of work-flow). Our long-term experience enables us to make your health care projects (e. g. primary care centers, hospitals and medical rehabilitation centers), social services (e. g. rehabilitation services for challenged persons) and institutions of higher education a sustainable success


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